Privacy Policy

Overview and Scope

This Privacy Policy of Bridge Technologies (“Bridge”), a Seychelles corporation, applies to all services, websites, applications, platforms, and devices owned by Bridge and its subsidiaries regardless of how they are utilized (the “Policy”). 

Bridge is made up of a group of subsidiaries and local operating entities in markets across the globe. Bridge is the operator of Brij websites, applications, services, and products, which currently include but are not limited to: Brij App,,, and BrijX. 

In the Policy, “Bridge”, “we”, “us”, or “our” refers to the Bridge entity that collects and processes your personal information across Brij-branded properties. 

The objective of this policy is to inform our customers of the information we collect about them, how we gather, use, and disclose that data and the steps we take to protect customer data and privacy. We take customer privacy seriously and are committed to protecting the information our customers share with us.

This Policy may be amended as required by regulation and if needed to clarify our data security practices. The revised edition becomes effective the day it is published on our sites. Customers will be notified via email and on the respective platform (website, app, etc.) of any revisions that have substantial changes. 

As a Bridge customer, you acknowledge this Policy and your privacy rights when you sign up, access, or use our services, applications, or related websites.

Data We Collect.

This policy describes what information we collect as you use our service, how we collect and use the information you share with us, and with whom we share that information. To use our services fully, we’ll need some information from you to tailor your experience and improve our offerings.

Bridge may collect the following type of data, which will vary by service, product, access, and transaction:

Personal Data 

Demographic or other personally identifiable information that allows us to identify a customer and is voluntarily provided to us by the customer as required to use our Platform, or as submitted/collected via social media/customer support outreach, your communications with our staff, partners, or contractors, website/newsletter sign up forms, surveys, or marketing incentive programs. 

The Personal Data we collect may be entered or uploaded as an attachment directly onto the Platform, sent via email, or through Customer Support. This information may include: Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Phone Number, Email, Location, Government-Issued ID number, Bank Verification Number, et al. 

As a global financial technology company, we are required by law to collect and store specific information on our customers, such as those required to adhere to Know Your Customer (‘KYC’) and Anti-Money Laundering/ Counter Finance Terrorism (“AML/CFT”) regulations. The type of personal data we must gather and store from customers in order to carry out transactions will vary by country. In most instances, the information we collect must be stored internally and may be shared with our compliance, risk, and product offering partners for the following purposes: 

  • Validate customer identity by performing identity verification checks against government databases 
  • Verify accuracy of customer entered information against uploaded supporting documentation (such as a Government-issued IDs, Proof of Address documents, etc.) 
  • Screen customer data against government run sanctions lists and lists of politically exposed persons 
  • Perform ongoing monitoring of transactions for fraud and other illegal activities 

In the event that a customer contacts Bridge, either via email, customer support (chat, phone, etc.) or social media, customers agree that such communication might be recorded, verified, or monitored without any additional notification or cautioning.

Moreover, for quality assurance, and training purposes or for its own protection, Brij may screen or record any correspondences with you or anybody following up for your benefit.

Shared Contacts Data 

Customers may consent to provide us access to their mobile device’s phonebook or Contact List to make it easier for them to find and pay contacts who have active Brij accounts. When a Customer provides us access to their Contacts we run the Contacts’ mobile number against a database of pre-existing Brij user accounts and only present to the Customer those who are current users. We treat Customer Contact Lists as sensitive personal data. We do not gather, disclose, or store this information unless the shared contact(s) is already a brij customer. 

Financial Data 

As a global financial services technology company, we will request Customer’s provide us with certain financial information, related to payment methods and accounts, in order to access our services. Customer’s may choose to have their preferred payment methods and accounts encrypted and saved to their profile for ease of use in the future. As required by law, we collect and store information on Customers’ transaction history in order to monitor, mitigate and protect you and our systems against fraud and other illegal activities. 

Third Party Data

We may acquire data about our Customers from external parties, such as identity verification services and credit bureaus as allowed by law. By signing up and using a Brij service, the Customer agrees that we may gather, use, and store data acquired by third parties as needed to stay compliant with local and global laws and regulations. 

If a Customer provides us with access to certain individual data stored on third party sites, such as a social media profile or business web page, these third parties may have access to the Customer’s information. The data protection and privacy of information originally sourced from and stored on a third party site is the responsibility of the third party. 

Programmed and Device Data

To deliver our services seamlessly, we automatically collect anonymized data whenever a customer accesses our platform such as a customer’s IP address or actions logged on our server files. To provide a better experience for our users and to assist with tracking and responding to product bugs, we also collect information on our customer’s browser and mobile device characteristics (model, operating system, etc.).  

Location Data

Some platform services may gather certain data that allows us to recognize your location via a mobile device. Any application may access a mobile device’s location data unless it is explicitly disabled via the mobile device’s settings. We have no control over a Customer’s device settings and may inadvertently collect such data in the course of the Customer accessing our services. 


We use cookies, which are simply small pieces of data saved on your phone or computer, to help us improve your browsing experience. Like other internet companies, we may gather anonymized data on visitors to our web-based properties through cookies and other computerized means. Cookies help us distinguish you from other users so we can provide a more personalized experience. Some browsers will prompt you to accept or decline cookies. Cookies can be deleted and/or disabled at any time by the Customer. In this section, we will talk about the information we collect with cookies, how we use that information, why we sometimes store it and how you can disable cookies on your browser.

Email Newsletters and Forms.
We use cookies to save information you share when you fill forms for email subscription. This helps us avoid duplicate subscriptions, and control the notifications you get from our website and other services.

Google Analytics
We use cookies from Google Analytics to help us understand how you use this website and how we can improve your experience. These cookies collect information including how much time you spend on this website, pages you visit, screen type and other anonymised information about your browsing session.

Disabling Cookies
Disabling cookies is easy. Please check your browser settings. Please, note that disabling all cookies may affect your experience on our website and some important functionalities earlier tailored to your unique needs.
Need more information on cookies and related questions, please send a message to and we'll get to you at the earliest.

How We Utilize Your Data

We use the data we gather for things like:

  • Processing refunds, transactions, and chargebacks.
  • Tracking and confirming online transactions.
  • Verifying your identity.
  • Conducting examinations and investigations as required by law.
  • Fulfilling requests and orders for services or data.
  • Communicating marketing and user promotions, sweepstakes, surveys, and referral incentive programs.
  • Establishing and dealing with your records with us.
  • Operating, assessing, and improving our business.

We may reach you by electronic measures to advise you with respect to your transaction history, to investigate issues with a transaction or set of transactions, to resolve transaction discrepancies, to gather charges or monies owed, to survey your assessments through surveys or polls, or as in any case important to support your use of the Platform. 

Our Marketing and Sales teams may send you tailored, electronic communications via email or SMS to keep you up-to-date on referral incentive programs; discounts, coupons, and giveaways; or changes to products, features, services, pricing, or partners. Customers may opt-out of non-essential communications at any time. 

We may contact you as necessary to implement our policies, adhere to applicable law and law enforcement, or any agreement we may have with you. 

In case of an emergency, you consent to receive autodialed or pre-recorded calls and instant messages when the phone is the selected communication method. Where allowed and agreed by law, you may decline to receive certain correspondences.

Data Security and Retention

Our customer’s privacy and the security of their data is top priority for us. We take whatever measures are necessary to safeguard your data including data encryption technology, maintaining secure servers, and Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) to protect data during transport and submission.  Employees have access to only the data necessary to fulfill their job responsibilities. While we take all reasonable measures to protect our customers information, we cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any data you communicate to us and you do as such at your own risk.

We hold Customer data and account information on our servers for as long as the Account is active and as is reasonably necessary after an Account is closed. Information related to your account, such as identity information and transaction history, may be retained on our servers as is necessary to comply with regulatory authorities, resolve disputes, or other legitimate concerns. Where we do retain your information after the closing of an account we do so as required and permitted by law.  

How We May Share Your Data

In no instance do we sell or lease customer data to external third parties. We may disclose personal information to third parties in few and limited circumstances as indicated below: 

By Law

We may be required to share customer data with relevant authorities in response to legal processes, criminal investigations, potential violations of local/global regulations, or as needed to protect the security and rights of others. 

To Facilitate Transactions 

Customer information may be shared with our merchant partners, payment processors, and agents in order to: facilitate transactions, such as to issue receipts or settle funds; enhance service quality/delivery, as may be the case when buying goods/services from merchants; and to resolve transaction disputes or discrepancies, such as chargebacks or refunds. 

Third-Party Service Providers 

We may disclose customer data to third-party service providers in order to carry out key business services such as transaction monitoring for fraud and other illegal activities, email delivery, SMS-notifications, and customer services. 

Marketing Communications 

When necessary we may use customer information to communicate updates or information on new or current products, product features, services, or partnerships. In some circumstances and with the customer’s consent we may share limited customer information (such as name and email address) with our partners or third parties for marketing purposes and as is permitted by law. 

Your Decisions With Respect To Your Own Data

You have the right to:

  • Correct and update your own data
  • Cancel your account or request that we no longer utilize your data to provide you our services
  • Opt-in or Opt-out of any non-essential communications 

To do any of these, let us know by one of these processes:

  • Contact us on our platforms
  • Call :Brij with your request and current contact data
  • Send an email to with your request and current contact