Refunds are liable to pertinent law:

  • :brij will not be subject for any damages whatsoever resulting from a wrong transaction.
  • For certain services, :brij may refund any convenience charges related with the purchase.
  • :brij may pass on any expenses brought about for conducting a refund.
  • All transactions done on :brij are conclusive and any solicitations for refunds are liable to audit.

Refunds related with specific transaction might be qualified for various treatment on rounds where legal action is necessary.

Right To Refund

All refunds solicitations are handled professionally and upon review, will be approved and returned to the original source of payment (e.g. Bank card or Service Provider [Mobile Money] account).

However, clients are qualified to demand a refund of their payments based on this arrangement if the services being paid for is not received/conveyed from the service provider. If refund is requested, the client should email :brij at or submit a written request to :brij at our enlisted office.

Pre-Paid Services

:brij keeps itemized logs of all transactions that occur on our platforms. :brij will perform a detailed investigation of all refund requests for prepaid services. In situations where it is conceivable to “return” the services previously paid for we will attempt to handle a return.

Postpaid Services

Although :brij does not give refunds for transactions performed through our website, under unusual cases, we will work with the biller to audit your specific case to address any queries raised by you.

Other Rights

Our refund policy entails nothing that will encroach your privileges/rights to challenge the choices of your refund demand by :brij through our payment refund/chargeback procedure.

:brij is completely agreeable with the policies of every payment brand with which it deals. It ought to be noted, in any case, that by utilising :brij you are subject to our terms and conditions.